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FREE IMail Admin Utilities Pack

The FREE IMail Admin Utilities Pack is designed to make IMail Server administration as easy as possible. Simply enter your serial number below and download your FREE IMail Admin Utilities Pack today.



Utilities included in the FREE IMail Admin Utilities Pack
Mailbox Splitter This utility gives IMail Administrators a mechanism of breaking down a mailbox that is overly large and to control the size and number of files to generate.
User Expunger A new command line utility has been created to delete user accounts that have not been accessed within a specified number of days or a specified date.
Orphan Sender This utility allows you to review all orphaned files within the IMail Server spool and resend select messages.
Spam Cleaner This utility was designed to clean up the spool after an account has been compromised.
IMAP Copier A utility for copying mailbox messages from one mail server to another IMail Server using IMAP.
Collaboration Duplicate Entry Remover Searches the WorkgroupShare database and removes duplicate appointments/events, contacts, tasks, and notes.
Mailbox Reporter Displays specific message information on a specific mailbox, allowing data to be exported to a .csv file. This allows an admin to take a mailbox, report on the total number and size of messages by day in that mbx file.
Log Reader Display the SMTP/Queue Manager log in a more user friendly format, allowing the administrator to search the logs for specific text, thread ID, Session ID, or export a list of threads containing a particular address or log line.
ISMail Migration Moves all domains and users from an ISMail installation to IMail Server.
Import Export Allows an administrator to import and export the IMail Server domains and users. Also has the ability to convert domains from one database type to another.
User Flags Updater Tool that allows an administrator to quickly disable/enable Web Calendar for all users or to change the option for HTML/Plain Text emails to be sent from the web client.
Forward Finder Allows an admin to quickly identify, update, or remove any accounts on the IMail Server that have a forwarding address configured. Also has the ability to search for forwards containing a particular address and also includes the option to export the list to a .csv file.
Last Login Report Allows an Administrator to run a report showing the last time a user logged in to IMAP, POP3, or Web Mail.
Collaboration Database Converter Tool that assist an administrator in converting the collaboration database from Access to MS SQL.
Password Strength Checker Allows an administrator to display a list of users for the server or by domain and returns whether or not the user listed meets the specified password strength requirements configured by the administrator.
Mailbox Reporter Tool that allows an administrator to run a report listing the amount of space being used at each domain, user, and mailbox.

Note: All utilities work with IMail 8.15 and later, except for the Orphan Sender, Spam Cleaner and Log Reader, which are only supported in v11 and later.